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Good for your brain


A simple yet effective look at ACT therapy to reframe negative thoughts and feelings, can’t recommend this enough if you’re willing to put in the work.


A somewhat anti-pharmaceutical approach that highlights the 12 reasons why you could be depressed and ways in which to reconnect with the world and happiness.


The easy to understand guide to your brain and how your emotions work. Whether you’re good or bad with your emotions, learn about your monkey mind!

get it done


Such an inspiring book, not very long either, easily consumable in a few days 


These 7 habits when implemented will enable you to thrive in any situation. Watch out for some god chat in the last chapter though.


Your habits define you. They determine which direction you head in, so why not learn how to build good one and to get rid of the bad.



Stop doing, embrace a relationship with stillness and just being. A tactic used by many of history's great minds. Read if you can’t switch off.


Such a nostalgic book and a nice introduction to Taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy that’s over 2500 years old

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 An understanding of ego will alleviate stresses you didn’t even know you had. This is the ego as you’ve not seen it before.



My favourite novel - For those who have ever felt lost, or that they weren’t where they needed to be.


An extremely clever look at current affairs and how one small act in the middle east could have changed the world. This crime thriller is BIG.


Once a banned book- this Classic tells a story of a world without books and what a sad world that would be.